January 08, 2012

mission accomplished

today i had my 5min driving exam, which i passed. 90 points out of 100. but doctor remembers getting 90 points as well and he couldnt even go reverse, and barely forward... anyway i was not asked to go reverse, just drive around one short trip.

there was a huge empty lot with dozens of schools and their cars and hundreds of people queuing for their turn. 2 test observers in the car plus the teacher who couldnt shut up as usual, and doctor translating. basically i did the same mistake as i always do, i forget the shift on 2 when slowing down... oh well. i dont know what my other 5 point mistake was.

last night Oytun came to see us with his new fancy Renault, and so we went for a practise drive. i do think it was useful in getting confidence but it was pretty horrible otherwise. no key, just a button (well, practical, but i got confused). no handbrake. the clucth/gas combination was mysterious, Oytun said that is because the car is a diesel car. huh? so the car kept stopping abruptly whenever i was trying to get it going... with a queue of cars behind honking the horn thats a bit frustrating. and that happening while trying to join the highway is worrying... but a lot of cars stop here and there in turkey and do all kinds of stupid shit so actually its nice, im not the only one and its not obvious if im newbie or just an average idiot. also i ended up on a closed bus/dolmus lane, had the car stop there -ofcourse- the busses really didnt like that... uh. today i drove to the exam location and we did another highway trip and stuff, our car is similar to the schools so i wanted to get comfortable. in all, now ive been driving all around kadiköy, streets, highways and in between. the rules are a mystery but i feel i can survive...

today is a slow day otherwise. we r just relaxing.

Trello is pretty interesting... we will use it for relationship tasks for sure :) need to buy new dishwasher next week i think. after salary day, eh heh. and Elin is hosting a dinner again, tomorrow, because Lea and Baris are moving to Denmark, itll be a goodbye-dinner.

im still impressed Oytun let me take his new car for such a grueling ride.

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