February 05, 2012

almost optimistic

this week, for a change, i got an email from some art student in Spain. asking about my inspirations and the meaning of my "art" etc. i almost wanted to just say "no inspirations anymore, thnx bye". i did write that i am not shooting these days for the lack of inspiration, but attached my old bio anyway, maybe she can finish her university project with that.

im at the age where i am interested in home making (decoration, athmosphere, aesthetics, furniture, NOT children or other living creatures). and i am (finally!) okay with 9to5 job, i really didnt think it would ever happen but well well...   and on the weekend i walk around home with dark blue Hollister sweatpants (that a guest left behind last year) and a long sleeved grey sweater. and i boil eggs not just for immediate consumption but also to store in the fridge. interesting development...  and if the grocery store would sell Danone or Activia yogurts id probably buy a 6-pack. they actually might sell either in Migros, but only the sugary sweet strawberry flavour - at a ridiculous import price, so i regard it as non-existing.

i went out to buy some things for the evening with girls. the sun was still almost out, it was at least 10C and people were out, it was so lively and really wonderful. i remembered why i moved here.

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