February 05, 2012

omg the sun is here i can smell the summer!

doctor tells me about the "interesting" patients he has. especially those that shouldnt be in the emergency room to begin with. yesterday there was a woman who said her brain is melting and she can feel the brain running down her spine. RLY? so doctor asks her what makes her think that. its the warm feeling going from her neck down her back, she said. id like to think she was just joking but unfortunately there are really uneducated and ignorant people here. she was dead serious. doctor assured her that the brain cant melt down like that, but prescribed her painkillers for when she feels like it is (after checking her pupils and other basic stuff - even the crazy people are 'right' sometimes). prescribing something is the only way to get rid of 'those' people anyway, apparently. or doing tests, sometimes they take a blood test just to shut a patient up and get rid of them. i would say its ridiculous and unprofessional but with the stories of these 'brain melting' people i think i might not have any better solutions to offer. its sad. its crazy crowded there and these people with flu or melting brain are a making it worse.

im thinking that lately im more interested in doctors job than my own. but its something new for us and it was a long time goal of his so im excited alongside him. his food card was loaded with the last salary from the last job a few days ago so we spent it on a nice noodle/sushi meal. 52tl/23e. nom nom nom. now i feel pampered.

but i wish i could go to a cuban restaurant. or portuguese restaurant...  etc. i want more options, because nothing is ever good enough, of course.

i find it appalling that the republican candidates, especially the big names, seems to all be extra conservative this year. especially the popularity of banning abortion makes me sick. u think US is a modern and free country but then if you find yourself pregnant it might be quite hard to get an abortion in some states. and you go to school and they teach you how god created the universe...??

National Geographic is trying to make me renew my subscription but the price is now double compared to the offer i got last year, and in general i had horrible experience with their customer "service" back then. so, i dunno. i think it might be the best single magazine i ever read, but im hesitating. plus every 3rd or 4th issue doesnt make it all the way to me - turkish postal service is good but not great. 

at least its sunny outside, and the streets are dry. the snow and grey disappeared in 2 days just like that. i feel there is a hope of summer here...  i can almost FEEL IT! i dont dare to check the weather forecast now, its just probably cold next week again... 

today i should do some body maintenance maybe. oils, lotions and exfoliation with a glove... 

in the evening Melisa and Senni are coming over to follow the presidential elections. unfortunately the past few days the polls havent shown any amazing changes so my dear wish of getting (another)  liberal president probably isnt happening. so im actually losing my interest in following the results...  im not a good loser. my excuse is that i never learned as an only child :)

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