February 09, 2012

oh god snowing again

i remember vaguely that my bf went to work on tuesday morning, got up at 6am and left. he got home today at 2pm. now he is supposed to study for an exam thats tomorrow morning?? im really wondering, if a person sleeps every 2nd day, whats an appropriate amount? it didnt take long to notice that 10h is NOT enough. 12h? 14h? fuck. its like Guantanamo University Hospital. sure, yes there are options. like resigning. haha. im a little bit aggravated. this is just much harder than we expected. i guess i have the easy part in this, im just alone and running the household on my own. he comes, sleep, eats and showers and goes back. need to put things on hold. prioritize.

a new period started at work, with 2 fulltimes i hired. exciting - but busy - times. stressful too - of course...how else. but i should read more. anything. just read. i find it relaxing.

the weather is colder again, goddammit.

i should get botox too, again. i like a frozen face and still eyebrows. hmm. maybe later in spring. eh. so expensive, maybe i should just stay au naturel. if one can call me that. and they hardly can.

what i REALLY need to do is go to sleep.

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