February 25, 2012

uncertain weekend

friday night was pretty uneventful...   i cooked tuna pasta (ie. what was available a home) & woke doctor up for dinner. for dessert we had a glass of wine, some chocolate and fell to bed an hour later, both of us. thats 9pm! what an interesting experience to wake up at 10am on a saturday :)

but yesterday morning i rushed to SGK - the local social security insitution - to get the maybe-compulsory health insurance. lack of official sources including SGK itself, and different embassies giving various information has stirred the confusion quite a bit. no one knows what to do and where to go. i called the finnish embassy and they too said that in an info they received from the turkish government representatives it was said the insurance is voluntary, but if you get it later, you will have to pay retroactively! yet they wouldnt put the info on the embassy website as it's not official...  anyway i went to the SGK, it wasnt as full as last time but a couple hundred people. i got a queue number but asked around for foreigner insurance and made my way to some back room where it was just as full as in the front... i couldnt manage it all with my turkish but i got some papers (the law on the matter, printed). then i just sat and waited for doctor for about 1,5h - he came directly from work. when he came my queue number was soon up. eventually, somehow, the clerk said that its ok, im registered, and i should just go to the bank and pay. later i found out that i should have been given some papers and a 'customer number'. which i wasnt. so...:(

but learning Turkish is making my life easier, i can have some short conversations with the shop owners and so. i can say stuff like "i went to the shop yesterday and bought fruits" or "im coming to your party at 9pm tonight". i should just go out and practice more...  which im not doing. its really just like back in school, doing homework a minute before the class, not finishing half of it...  and indeed, certainly not practicing. also i should build my vocabulary a bit more, esp. concerning the verbs. woo, thats a grammar term right there, one of the about 5 that i know.

i realized my multitasking abilities have reached a high point when i found myself with two video/tv windows open, with the internet in the background. that didnt work. only 15 mins later i realized i was trying to listen to music while watching a tv show. that also didnt work.

song of the day; a finnish classic:
Kirka: Hetki lyö  (spotify) (youtube)

the other night doctor told me about am ER patient who was giving birth. she was 14. the father of the baby was her father (the case was in court so i guess it's 'alleged' until dna proves otherwise). pretty sad, really. 

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