March 01, 2012

rain rain rain

just another week mostly alone. but doctor got his first salary, and i felt like celebrating, so i bought some fresh kitty food, a meal like thing that I could just open and put in front of a kitty nose. then go home and watch from the window how a kitty is munching their dinner. i did probably buy myself something nice too, almonds and a pineapple and so... 

i never cared about weather but since last year, or moving here,  i started to follow it. can i pin it on new climate, or do i have to admit becoming old and bored? unless its related to one's profession, i don't really see any reason to care about weather other than not having other things to care about. or avoiding those other things. but now im anxiously waiting for the spring, just like last year. im checking the forecast and being hopeful until it shows rain for 5 days again, and i give up momentarily.

i really like the perfumed toilet paper.

i spent the evening watching documentaries, sort of. about building big trucks at the Peterbilt factory in US, and about building the Dubai mall.

and i want to see the movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.  besides appreciating Gary Oldman, part of the movie seems to take place in Istanbul...  :)

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