March 03, 2012

white woman

im wondering what use is it from an evolutionary point of view to mourn the dead siblings or parents so hard as we do these days. people can completely loose it when their parent dies, even if they are 50 and 80 yrs old, respectively. that...  doesnt sound useful...  i would imagine it didn't happen 5000 yrs ago, as much. of course people had shorter lives too, death was more common and not hidden like now in the west. heavy mourning might just be in part 'a white man's problem'...we have time and energy for such pastimes.

speaking of white mans problem... between dinner and sleep yesterday we finally bought a new dishwasher. its been about 6 months without. so now im wondering if it will arrive during the weekend, when im home, or next week...when its less convenient?? oh no.

i read Davy Jonea has died. when i was young i watched the Monkees on tv. it was fun, i really liked it (youtube) (spotify). there was also Batman and Alf, the latter 2 both on monday i think. on tuesdays there was Falcon Crest, my favorite. at some point, when i was 10 or 12 or so, i would write down tv program schedules on a paper. i dont know why, it was just to remember what was on tv that day, that time. unfortunately those scribblings are gone now, as that house burned down. i was always a fan of writing things down, building memories, memorizing things...     i also collected stuff. on the 3rd-5th grade i collected some kind of cards that came with chewing gum. they had pictures of pop stars and i would trade them in school. i was not popular but i had cards some people wanted and i was doing business in some ways (because i also included pens, erasers and other stuff in the whole trading thing).

watching Voice of Finland makes me wonder if Michael Monroe is on drugs. for some reason i think probably not...  but it really looks like it. i just shake my head and roll my eyes watching him. but i like Mike, of course. when i was 14 (i am at the point where anything referring to my youth will spur positive emotions) i was listening to a cassette, it was Hanoi Rocks (Self Destruction Blues). i bought it used from a small shop selling mostly books ans magazines. i would go there after school and look for interesting items... and in the night i would read old (50's, 60's) Donald Duck's, Tarzan's, Pecos Bill's (cowboy cartoon) and other western style cartoons until 4am...  and it was hard to get up in the morning for school.

tonight was a farewell party for my ex-colleague Kagan (who originally hired me). we went to bars and simply had a great time. then Senni took me to Pixie to dance. it was nicely random, dubstep or whatever, we were just mindlessly going at it. i liked the place, but its tiny and really just good for dancing, thats it. i had a great night.

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