March 04, 2012

back to ink

i found 2 new shows to follow, both reality, ops. but i think theres nothing else out there for me now.
Ink Master obvious. just easy entertainment (isnt tv always?)
Shark Tank business tv entertainment :) so this is just a small cousin of Apprentice.

Ink Master makes me tattoo hungry again.

the dishwasher arrived today. that was fast :) then we called Bosch for free installation, they will come on monday. its a very basic model, but after comparing functions between options we realized thats all we need. better get a machine that does the basic task of washing dishes well, rather than a fancy multitasker with a led screen, which will be the first thing to break...  im a conservative with tech stuff sometimes... "if it works, dont touch it" "the more moving parts, the more things that can break"

a soft cotton skirt and a top i bought over a week ago. i cut the skirt a bit shorter though. besides wanting the skirt shorter, i like unfinished hems, somehow.

in Tamer's shop a week or so ago. i sometimes go there with a wine bottle, practise turkish with him and enjoy the cats that are hanging around.

last night Senni took me to Pixie after the farewell party in Taksim. it's a really tiny club with just a dancefloor and bar, and downstairs (underground) they have 2 odd rooms where u can just sit and relax. gotta love the bus seats...  :)

we started the night off in Babylon Lounge which is very nice livingroom like bar. the music is jazzy/chill out. prices are high but until 21:30 they have a happy hour (-50%).

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