March 15, 2012


im much cheerier when i get home. at least today. its been a few days since i last saw doctor. and he paid the internet and gas bills today, after his 40h shift! something i didnt manage to do on monday, my day off...  so hes my hero. to my defense, when i come home, i order take away food and take it to bed for his convenience.

i think im also cheerier because after paying the bills i dont need to ask him how much is left on his account, combine it with mine and make calculations and estimate budgets...  we have been fine but had to "think" a bit for the past year. not that "thinking" is bad but it is relieving when u can buy that 10euro sweater without worry. or eat noodles for lunch more than once a week! fuck, noodles make me happy. im so easy. Nu Noodle in Taksim makes the best noodles. i dont think im high maintenance...  but we do have an expensive flat, i could do with a bit less but this is perfect for its location.

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