April 07, 2012

first summer friday

Game of Thrones is on again, good.

my trip to the Fatih immigration police was possibly successful. i wouldnt know, they said the typo is fixed but here you can never trust. i watched the guy struggle with the computer and try to explain the issue over the phone to someone... "no, NOT lina, NILA! N-I-L-A"...  anyway. i went there by ferry, tram and metro. what a trip. and back with a crowded smelly bus. busses in the summer are not really so nice here, the smell of sweat, dental hygiene etc is disgusting. and today it felt like summer, 20C but felt like 25. but surely i enjoyed the warmth too.

i was at the office before 12 and i knew i had the option to take unpaid time off as clients are on easter holidays. so i left work at 4pm. Senni also had the change to leave work earlkier so we had our turkish class at 4pm. and just 1h. after that i was about to head home but decided to ask a nearby wine shop if they had sparkling wine (a bottle of Mo√ęt is 225tl/100e there) at a reasonable price. they had one for 34tl/15e, so i got that and we went to the nearby park with Senni to enjoy. what i miss about finland is the first warm summer days and sparkling wine.

last weekend i bought a white pair of summer shoes;

from the same shop that made my red boots too. so these are handmade, real leather, 20tl/8e on sale. not my typical shoes but they were cheap and for that rice even if i just use them 5-10 times they are worth it. im a bad bad western consumer...   but im usually happy to give away stuff i dont use (=not throw in garbage), but here its not so common, recycling and flea markets.

an article: Gunter Grass's poem on iran, israel...   actually, i didnt read this. poems are not for me. but sounds interesting! they say its 'controversial'!

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