April 07, 2012

get an abortion in turkey

i have problems watching historical programs, or something like Game of Thrones. when they talk in front of each other, i imagine the horrible breath they must have. when they do other things, i imagine the last time they had a shower. it makes me uneasy.

its another beautiful saturday. warm and sunny. i woke up to the sound of not birds singing heir songs but of the beer barrels being rolled down the stony street down to the bars. 

im sneezing like crazy. sometimes i have these sneezing fits. they are a part of my life. if there was a cat around, i'd blame it. ive had a sore throat for a few days so this could be a sign of a flu of some sort. but i think its just...  a sneezing fit.

i had a chat on FB with Jim, someone ive known for years, we met once in Finland. anyway, we talked about making a 'nest', settling, all that stuff. he has been in Poland for 18 years now, but is still looking to maybe live elsewhere for a bit. he asked me do i feel at home in Turkey. i had to think about it. i said im comfortable as it is, but this isn't my home. and i am still looking to go back to finland. when i do go back, do i want to 'make a nest', settle? i don't know. its hard to imagine right now. maybe, but its also so far that anything could happen in between. i think i might still want to move somewhere else in between.

but i managed to surprise the educated and well-traveled Jim. in Poland abortion is illegal and he says there is not much effort from anyone to change that, even educated people shun the idea. so he was shocked to hear in Turkey abortion is very legal and easily accessible. i think only some very conservative people might be against it but its not an issue in general, its not under a debate. also sterilization is just a doctor way. so what is legal and illegal is really about the religion, americans are fighting over abortions but drinking is not an issue. here in the conservative country side its more less haram ("bad"). in the very east of turkey everything is probably 'bad' and not allowed, but in the west anything is possible.

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Jim said...

I'm a star! :)