April 05, 2012

shark tank

taking the ferry in the morning i pass by the haydarpasa pier which usually is occupied by tankers and containers. now I'm seeing pink 'rolling stocks' or what I would call metro wagons. I'm convinced they are intended for the kadiköy-kartal metro line which should open soon. its a bit embarassing how excited im over the metro line i wont even be using.

one week halfway again.

some airbnb guests coming later tonight.

tomorrow is easter in a big par of the world. or small, actually. and ill be heading to Fatih to the  immigration police to beg for them fix a typo they put in my name. on wednesday morning i tackled my mother's name. there seemed to be a whole department for just fixing names. im not surprised, as i alone have encountered name typos about 8-10 times (different officials, registration office, turkcell, tax office....). i went from one person to another, as is common, but my favorite was the guy who checked the papers i have with me, but my residence permit in between them and gave me a queue number.  he was the queue number guy. a guy's gotta do something for living. but it was relatively painless. i hope the paper is as it should be now. it has 3 stamps but u never know if that is enough! but the immigration police, that will be my challenge.

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