April 01, 2012

watching Big Bang Theory

im trying to remember what i did on friday. short memory. yeah, i went out after 10pm, to Hera, just to see if any friends were there. some were, i stayed there for a couple hours and returned home.

yesterday i met Serra for coffee in the afternoon, she is a friend of a friend that i met  week ago. we had a good talk.  on my way home from that meeting i stopped over in Tamer's shop to chat with him. then doctor called me. he was supposed to sleep all day and night, but his co-worker buddies woke him up after 8pm as they were in a party nearby. doctor wanted to go an i joined. i expected a houseparty of 5 people but found myself in a fancy restaurant with the whole department (about 50 people) and a band, singer, and later, a belly dancer. it was pretty crazy, people were really in party (dance) mood. turkish classics were played and middle eastern dances practiced. food was arriving automatically, my wine glass was filled while i didn't even notice and at the end of the night we found out that ths fun was 65tl/person...  hah. well, ok. we stayed abot 3 hours which was 3 h more than doctor could afford, and when i spoke to him today, he was indeed pretty tired for not sleeping enough. but it was a good evening. the hospital requires all staff to speak english, which is exceptional, and so everyone spoke english, i was pleased, i could socialize and all. people said they like doctor, that he is good in his job and i felt proud and lalala...

no pics of the whole place packed on the dance floor, just these random shots. 

this morning i wondered who the f*** is at the door at 9am. the cleaning lady. she had decided, or genuinely misunderstood, that we want her every 2 weeks. when i put her on phone with doctor, she insisted on 2 weeks, but we dont really want that. anyway we let her clean today and then we have to seriously talk (=doctor will call her).  she is a good cleaner but again its 7pm and she is still here, id rather be alone on my sunday evening...  so, im not entirely pleased - even if our home is super clean again.

i have pathetic problems, a cleaner who wont leave early enough.

today seemed like a nice spring day, 15C or so... then i went out to meet Deniz and Olcay and wtf, suddenly it gets dark, gloomy, windy, cold and starts to rain. in 30mins it s a full blown 'fall storm', chairs flying in the air due to the exceptional wind and just plain harsh.

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