May 13, 2012

noise and guests

football fanatics are making themselves known on the streets, im doing laundry and hear the car horns, the singing, the chants...and its just 6pm... the game has not even started. but its the important one, the final, determining the winner of the league. 2 istanbul teams up against each other means big emotions in the city...

people often ask me how couchsurfing is or make an interested 'ohhh' when it comes up that we are active members. the main worry = the most common question; how are the people, how is it letting strangers stay in your home. i dont think i'd welcome the average guy passing our building in our home, bt the average guy passing our building is NOT on couchsurfing. it just seems to be that couchsurfing attracts especially younger generations, or those young at heart, who enjoy and obviously want to meet people from different cultures. furthermore, people who are generally openminded and flexible, social etc. that does not apply to your average engineer, but thats why he is not on couchsurfing. but with this in mind, it almost makes sense that 90-95% of the people that i met through CS have been honestly quite great. thats a high number for someone like me. going to a new job or party i rarely feel that i get along with 90% of the people there. well, getting along is different. i get along with anyone i think, but thinking that someone is great, doesnt happen often...

there were a few people i was not so fond of. one, who visited me here in istanbul and kept bitching about everything. "people don't speak english", "there are no english signs" etc, he even asked how could i have moved here. lol. he kept saying how everywhere he's ever gone people spoke some english and lalala... but he'd only traveled very little and mainly in central europe. i really felt like he should have stayed at home. and i stayed with someone once who was a little odd, veeery hospitable and helpful and all, i have to say, just interested if i could hook him up with someone to get married with maybe, so he could get out of his country. i kind of have to forgive that, in certain places its tough and people understandably look for a way out. thats pretty much it. and i get annoyed by little things in general, yet i get more out of it, so its by far worth the experience. now we are taking a little break though, i am going on vacations but also we noticed now that we are working a lot and are busy, that hosting gets tiring, and we cannot really spend time with the people. also since the tourist season started we've had just so many people here (or so i feel) that i need some quality time alone. then i will have more energy to meet new folks again. the current guests (through Airbnb) are leaving on Monday when Arttu comes. but Arttu will be a long expected celebrated guest.

it's doctors few days off now so we are watching movies and tv and cuddling.

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