May 17, 2012

preparing for summer

Arttu arrived on monday. and my weekend started today, by taking tomorrow off. and im taking next monday off too.

i bought flights to helsinki for june 9th. somehow i struggled deciding on the dates. it wasnt just about the dates, the actual act of committing to the flights was hard. im not sure why. well i have some tasks and responsibilities in finland, but even so. i also look forward to meeting friends.

some shoes from the past 2 weeks.

comfy sandals for the summer... (eBay)

more comfy sandals. eBay.

and some heels!  somewhat turkish style...

i need a haircut...  i should just give Senni the scissors. speaking of Senni, me and Arttu went to see her & the kitties on tuesday evening. the KITTIIIES were AWEEEESOMEEE :D soft and fluffy and playful and super cute.

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