June 04, 2012

between holidays

the summer is definitely here when the hot humid air hits the face as u walk outside. but its nice to sit at a terrace at 10pm when its still 25C. and just to go out without jackets and things. only blister bandaids and sunscreen become necessary.

i always buy 30ml perfumes knowing that i will never finish it, so there is no point in buying a bigger one. i am not sure, but i think i never finished a perfume before. from the airport taxfree, i now bought a Versace Vanitas, for the 2nd time. hmm, i have nagging feeling, this has happened once before, but im just not certain. i bought 50ml this time. i hope it will last a while. i really dont buy from other than tax free while living in turkey, the luxury tax etc are just too much, considering local income. i used to have a whole row of perfumes in helsinki, now im managing with a few that i brought with myself + some. i am also running out of Dolce and Gabbana's The One, but it actually reminds me of the time i was courting F, my then to be boyfriend, anyway, so, i wont mind letting that go. also in general i think i need something new. finland and tax free here i come...

today afternoon - after laundry and daily shopping - i went out to have a drink and some mezes with Volkan.  we talked about the legalities of foreigners working in turkey (what advantages does being a shareholder in a company have, considering it still wont give you a work permit?), italian wines and making home cider and vodka, recreational medicine use (its always an interesting topic even without personal attachments), ship manufacturing in finland, thailand and nuclear power.

i wanna see the documentary Into Eternity, seems interesting.

it seems like turkey is just getting more and more retar...islamist. one by one there are regulations and limitations on things that people think as obvious and self evident. the plan to ban abortion makes me furious and disgusted. today there was a demonstartion in kadiköy against that ban/law. women here, for some reason, prefer to stay in charge of their body and reproduction. although its sad how poor the birth control education, people dont have much info, or its distorted.
Pianist Fazil Say charged for insulting islam

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