June 02, 2012

exploding head

i ordered t-shirts from threadless, they arrived while i was away.

2 for doctor...
chaos infected
attack of literacy

2 for me
heart seeker 

the coming fall i will look forward to watching Elementary, a Sherlock Holmes series located in NYC, and with Lucy Liu as Dr Joan Watson...:)

jenni preparing top clean. weekend activity. 

doctor has a day off today, so went out for breakfast, the summer has arrived and eating out in the sun is nice although a bit hot. we came across a lot of street kitties too. some in dire need of attention.

starting to plan my trip to finland, which is a week from now...  exciting and expensive trip coming up for sure.

prime minister Erdogan is planning with his party to restrict abortions. it makes so so angry i just want to move out of the country. i just cant believe the ludicrous insanity....WTF! WTF again. im so insulted for myself and all other women, AND men. while we are walking about women's bodies, this surely affects men too. why does someone always want to take something away from others? those who dont support abortions dont have to do them, but banning them affects others too. and talking about aging population and keeping the population young just suggests its women's duty to be reproductive machines and that people shouldnt have power over themselves, for the good of the nation. AKP's lawmaker said that the act of abortion is a greater crime than that of a rape. holy fuck im so angry now i have to get off the internets and go lie down.

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