June 06, 2012

a little bit sleep deprived

today was nail fix day. i almost -literally - fell asleep at the salon. i didnt leep enough last as i was out a it too late...  with Serra, Mehmet, Volkan etc etc. the weather is so nice and warm in the evenings too now its hard to resist sitting out on a terrace... 

i logged onto chat and saw doctor online and got momentarily excited, he typically doesnt have for that or anything else, while at work. then i realized and remembered that he is sleeping in the bedroom this very moment, so its just his phone, where the chat is left open. he arrived from work in the afternoon today so i wont be waking him up at all, he needs to sleep. we'll meet on friday then.

this trip to finland is starting to look so crazy busy again its almost depressing although it should be a happy thing. but its looking like a job, crazy schedule and lots planning. and planning means worrying.  i noticed an interesting division. with a limited amount of evenings in my calendar, i need to put people into 2 categories: drinking and non-drinking. cos the drinking-people get the evenings, obviously.

i need to renew my passport too, in order to get a residence permit for a longer period. i need to take care of the permit right after my return...  

last friday a new girl started at the office so tomorrow we are going out for drinks with the office crew....    and then i just have friday to do laundry and pack and...  uh.

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