August 27, 2012

boiled eggs are my new fav ingredient

i had a quiet slow weekend. on saturday i did some laundry, superficial bathroom floor cleaning and such on the side...  changed some dead lightbulbs...  cleaned the plastic cutting boards in the kitchen with bleach (my own smart idea :). im sure wooden cutting board would be sooo much better, i just happen to prefer (white) plastic. then i also bleached some stains off clothes. and i went to Penti and bought a bikini top from sale (10tl/4e). its not funky and cute like id prefer, just simple black, kind of bra like! but the size selection was limited in what was left and the tiny stringy things were not really an option... anyway my bikini bottom is also black so they are a match. now im ready for our holiday! if we find a beach somewhere, that is. im not  a beach person, i like the warm though. hiding under my beach towel like a dead body and dozing off to half sleep is very enjoyable. playing (i guess it could vaguely seem like swimming) in the water with doctor is fun too.

i love the ikeahackers website. theres wonderful ideas, IKEA stuff is perfect for hacking or upcycling. however im not sure i have energy right now to do anything. its a bit annoying as a part of me would like to upgrade things and the decor but since its already 'ok', i feel like it may be waste of time and money. the whole uncertainty about not knowing how long we will live here fucks it up. i dont even want to go to IKEA because i just end up buying way too much! i get all frantic and start imagining wonderful crazy home decor...  or just buy one more set of sheets. the sad thing is i really FEEL like we still need more sheets. sheets have always been my soft spot. i just bought some fitted sheets a couple months back, and on the FIRST use they developed pilling, tiny hard balls of fabric on the surface.  just goes on to prove u never know what u will get. but sure, the sheets were cheap.

today i met this finnish girl who lives in the city. we had lunch. i got my hair cut as well - didnt go as i would like, as usual. so, nothing special really. i struggled to find miner...carbonated water. these terms are all mixed up now. in turkey mineral water is just water, i learned the hard way. then i bought a bottle that i saw had bubbles inside. it said tonic but i didnt know what tonic is. i still dont but it tasted bad, reminded me tonic! tadaa! 3rd time i got lucky, now i know what i am looking for ->"dogal maden suyu". i cant believe it but apparently thats what they call 'mineral water'. carbonated water. soda. whatever.

doctor is in Mersin at his brothers wedding. he will come home tomorrow night and then straight back to work...  oh boy.

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