August 25, 2012

shrimp noodle takeaway ordered

wtf...  i just ran into this Pavel Petel personality on the internets...  ??!!11  wtf. video. wtf.


here is a real estate ad presenting a typical turkish home . i was actually just browsing and shaking my head at the decor style. anyway the asking price is 260 000tl/117 000eur. the size (90m2) is not big at all by local standards. not considered big enough for a family, even singles from wealthier families would shun at the idea of having to fit in a 'box' this size. the price seems good considering the very central location (center of kadiköy, near the sea and all transportation) and size but actually 260k tl is a lot of money for the local income level (an experienced high school teacher or a starting level civil engineer or graphic designer could make 19-22k per year, net). the flat is in the 4th floor, no elevator - super common, so wont affect the price.

where does all the space go in this 100m2 flat? i cant see a single big room? the darkness of many homes, caused by obsessively covering the windows to prevent anyone seeing in is just depressing. coming from finland i just yearn for LIGHT.

a "cute" underground level flat with a "garden".

then, there are modern flats like this! spaceship bathroom, anyone? WTF is my comment. maybe it has been an office.

this flat has a bath tub in the backyard? overall it looks like once upon a time there has been a turk with plenty of money.

this rental flat has interesting bathroom and kitchen styling...

we are not looking to move (or buy) now. i just ran into our upstairs neighbor in the bar, and he was talking about moving. he is renting the top floor of this building but says that ours is much nicer, in better condition. the top floors are at the same time wanted and problematic, they are the coldest in the winter and the warmest in the summer. dealing with these issues is very expensive in turkey, the insulation is practically an unknown term. plus the roofs/ceilings often leak water in...  if you are renting - tough - your landlord most likely wont give a shit.

with the next rent increase we might need to consider moving though. so i better browse for rental flats instead. 

the other day i for some unknown reason ordered mineral water in a restaurant. ive never liked mineral water. but it actually tasted good...  it was a  few days ago and now i found myself thinking of mineral water again. and buying it. how could i change my ind like this?? if i can suddenly like something i disliked, does that mean i might start disliking something i love? does it matter? can i think of any bigger problems in my life?

i should go get a haircut but im feeling very lazy.

holiday in 1 week.

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