December 19, 2012

good stupid girl

im proud of myself - cos i got up at 9am for these 2 days, started work at 9:45am and went on ALL DAY :) so these days are busy. good.
i am also struggling with adobe illustrator. its like photoshop, so complicated but so amazing if u know what ur doing...    i am using these illustrator tutorials to learn more (among others)

today in the afternoon i managed to get out for 10mins to buy led lights for the christmas tree. they are blueish tone but okay, whatever, i have to live with it now. i think the tree looks good, except it could still use some decoration. but honestly i think its pretty.

the local monthly; Gezete Kadiköy. in the bottom right corner there is an aerial view of the Haydarpasa train station and ferries that i so often take.

my local fav grocery store had pumpkins outside the shop. what a set up!

at Senni's party on saturday i met some old aquintances as well as new ones, Marta from Italy, Elisa & Onur, Umut & Cansu came with their friends, Coskun, Cagri & his friend the orthopedist guy....   yeah. and Senni made some nice salads and snacks. i think all the partying last week made me tired.

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