December 21, 2012

very simple

an Atatürk phone casing. in a big phone case shop here in kadiköy. its actually pretty amazing how many shops there are near here dedicated to just phone cases.(hehe, it would be a Atatürk if the A was pronounced as in english, but names need follow original pronunciation which makes it an - ).

doctor cooked oven salmon last night. we bought it from this fish market. it was "turkish " salmon, 12tl for the whole fish. and i boiled a couple potatoes.

1600 Penn is a fun new series. not sure if i will keep watching every episode but it was entertaining enough.

tonight is a Criminal Minds night tho!

its been snowing all day. it doesnt stay on ground so is suppose its a tad over zero. but odd to look at. nobody wants to go out in this weather.

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