January 03, 2013


i guess i am giving up. i merged my skype and msn messenger accounts in skype as instructed in this article.

interesting piece of news from Egypt; women of a raided beauty salon attacked their attackers.

i downloaded and installed Intelligent Life app so i could read it, its free wtf?? i was ready to pay. the latest issue was like 35tl at the book store so i thought id opt for the digital version.

last week we met the landlord. yearly negotiation...   they wanted to raise the rent by 10-15%, we  got it down to 7%. still, its a lot :( i searched on sahibinden.com and based on what i saw there we still have a fair deal. unfortunately i feel like we passed the critical threshold of how much we should pay, but i am a victim of these living standards now, i cant give up the home i like. even if its imperfect with its dark tone kitchen and beige bathroom. im not one to change anything anyway...  i turned the bed around in bedroom cos doctor had been talking about it so many times. i am now just as happy as before despite initial skepticism. he'd like to move around the living room too and im panicking.

name problems in iceland  the laws are similar in finland but i find the finnish system more flexible. i think its related to the size of the country too, and how homogenous it is.

Jake Gyllenaal performing on Saturday Night Live. that led me somehow to this tv show trailer (Dante's Cove), which looks horribly, horribly bad... but there are some nice scenes!!!! my eyes are glued to the screen.

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