March 29, 2013


today (28th) was my 3yr anniversary in turkey and with doctor. its crazy that i got snatched the first night - i mean we had contact before but i wasnt expecting it to turn out anything, i didnt dare to, after the disaster id just experienced. anyway, here we are. im an expat, im with a turkish man. i could say it out loud and still wouldnt believe it, the 2nd part part at least.

im not very good at finding meaningful things to say. but i can come up with a gratitude list;

im happy to have a boyfriend that:
-has a projector for watching movies - kudos
-will try his hardest to make me happy
-likes casual clothes & what i pick for him
-likes to cook
-is really interested about his hygiene
-smiles a lot
-likes IKEA furniture
-makes me laugh
-likes computers/internet
-cares about people & animals
-likes watermelon & other fun stuff
-understands people interactions
-hast soft hair
-listens to me

i cooked(!) and we had a nice dinner tonight. after which we went to Dunia bar with Jenney - first time for me. nice place though, should go there again. 

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