March 24, 2013

an ounce of happiness

a column in Hürriyet on being a woman in Turkey, Middle East.  aaand from that i can move on to my white woman problems. like the moral hangover i have from doing a bit of shopping yesterday and today - i was supposed to avoid that until i get to Barcelona. but, i found myself in Mango's outlet and the rest is history.its interesting but but shopping DOES make me happy. i think ive read about a study on it, it concluded that the happiness is obviously not very permanent but it does exist. i dont remember how it worked, as in what really brings the happiness in shopping. i feel like its this feeling of renewing myself and being better than i am. artifically making myself feel better about me. or something like that. its sad that consumption is not really that good in the big picture, for the planet.

shoes in Mango

i found these stretchy suede-like boots...  wonderful, very basic. i was with Alina who wanted to buy them for me as a delayed birthday gift. i accepted the gift :)

a shirt from some kind of thin fabric that had almost a knitted feel to it. 7tl/3e.

a bolero with a kind of paisley print. 3tl/1,2e.

a popping pink jersey dress (knee length). cute for the summer i hope. 7tl/3e.

also got a bracelet although im horribly lazy at wearing them. 6tl/2,5e.

i bought these used shoes some time ago in order to try make something out of them. i need to fix the heels that have some scuffs to them. but i already bought studs and added them to the side. not sure how i like it but oh well.

Melisa's salad. crouton, cheese, walnuts, pomegranate dressing etc. it just looked tasty. 

looks like construction. nicely surrounded by cement (?) bags to avoid people from walking rigt into it.

on wednesday i got another belated birthday gift from Duwane and his friends. they also arranged a little house party at his place, we had a bit of wine and pizza and i guess thats all you need in addition to the good company :)

i think need to go to a hairdresser again, the back of my head is starting to look crazy.

i was preparing for the summer and tried these white linen pants on the other day. i guess i shouldve known that underwear will be visible through these? should i have? i feel like an idiot. i can wear white underneath but nevertheless it will all be visible, these pants were like transparent...    another reason to start trying out clothes before buying them.

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