March 17, 2013

kitties for everyone

in the last episode of The Taste they were making spanish tapas and as i watch im drooling... i am perhaps finally getting excited about the upcoming trip! i cant wait to get to eat some wonderful spanish tapas and other foods...

Istanbul film festival starts in a couple weeks. i wonder if finally this year i manage to go see more than 1 movie.

right now there is another movie festival, Film Mor, its a women's co-operative film festival to raise awareness on women's issues.

last nights party at Karga was good but somewhat stressful as we didnt seem to have enough tables and chairs at times, about 30 people turned up altogether. the downside is i didnt get to properly chat with everyone. anyway, if i look at the positive, i know some amazing people, i should consider myself lucky.

i had asked for NO gifts but of course some friends dismissed the request, this is what i carried home:

as often happens in Istanbul bars, at some point a cat appeared. we were in the 3rd floor so i assume its the bar's resident kitty. it was on someones lap and then it was picked up & moved to the next one. all the while the kitty remained super happy and content. i think the kitty enjoyed my birthday party, so many warm laps...

me, happy with a kitty. 

doctor got his share of kitty too. 

today at noon, both of us in a slight hangover, i felt it is best to eat pide. i still really dont understand why pide is the shape of a boat...??

a cafĂ© me and doctor sometimes sit at, Vazgal. it has nice old fashioned decor and a soft couch where u can drink think and ponder ...stuff. doctor likes to do the pondering on his samsung galaxy note... 

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