March 06, 2013

cooler than cool

finally on monday we settled for a new refrigerator and ordered it. so it arrived yesterday. as expected, fitting it in the space allocated to a fridge is not without problems... on the other side the countertop is scratching it, and on the other we already removed the door frame. from there on some violence was useful - but - in my initial analysis i had missed the wall socket behind the fridge. it comes out of the wall a few critical millimeters and is therefor in the way. fucking frustrating. so we need to remove the socket cover i guess. or shave a piece off the countertop which seems to be marble or similar. im too tired to decide.

the fridge is Electrolux (ERB 36233 W, shown here). im happy with the choice, it seemed like there was no way i was gonna find a perfect one (and doctor is not so picky) so compromises had to be made.

the new cooling system pictured. its protruding out too much because of the damn socket. but until its solved, the fridge is working at least.

view inside. 

door frame removed.  

the old fridge - about 145cm tall. i bought it used when i rented my first flat in Istanbul. for an old thing, it has served me and us well.  my plan with the new fridge is to decorate it with magnets, and not just the ones seen on the old one (restaurants with home delivery).

today i had my testing certificate exam in Maslak (=far away). but now i have to wait for the results a week or 2...  but what a relief, now i must relax!

bunny noms!

Bunny GIF Dump, Part Three 10

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