April 05, 2013

sunscreen time

i havent managed to see many movies at the Istanbul film festival..i have been a bit late and many of the films were sold out. but on Tuesday me and doctor went to see The Deep, an Icelandic film, based on real events. it was interesting enough actually, liked it.  (the story of an icelandic fisherman surviving in cold water).

A new Kim Ki-Duk film! Pieta

Paradise: Love - I wanted to go see this at the movie festival but the tickets were sold out.

Movie 43 was recommended to me by Volkan, he said its generally not well liked but he thinks its hilarious and definitely worth seeing. so i guess i will give it a try...  (trailer)

i am wondering if Vikings tv series is any good....  i guess i have to check it out.

its that time of the year...  im starting to think about sunscreen. ive already been out on an occasion without any sunscreen, as weve had a couple of sunny t-shirt days... and in fact thats what mostly happens, i just forget to apply it... and by the time i realize im outside and its too late. the sunscreen bottles are too big to carry around in my handbag! but i might have to try anyway, last summer i got really tanned in my hands, arms and legs, it looked ridiculous in comparison to the rest of me :( i googled to check if my sunscreen is up to par, i guess it is since  they havent come up with anything totally tan preventing yet. i currently have an Ambre Solaire waterproof SPF 50+ kids spray. lets see how i manage this summer.

Kadik√∂y's district mayor banned pet shops from selling bunnies, kitties and doggies, effective from April 1st. this was due to the poor conditions the animals were usually kept that. i gree, very good decision. of course this means that people will go somewhere else for their pet shopping, but i actually think this decision may really decrease pet purchases by a few %  because turks are so impulsive. they really can just walk by a shop and go "ooo, kitty, lets buy one", and then throw it on the street a year later when its not small anymore. maybe im focused on a negative stereotype here but i swear these people (unfortunately) exist.

i was not aware that some american (?) well known atheists have been very "critical" of islam, in the name of atheism. i still havent fully educated myself about whats going on, but if it is what this article in Guardian about 'anti-muslim animus' says, its sad. for me atheism is just my personal stance, not a tool for attaching others. although yes i have some opinion but i still find myself very liberal...

infographic of internet speeds and prices around the world. looking at that reminds me sorely what i lost by moving to turkey.

today i went to a Korean restaurant with Alina, for lunch. foreign cuisines are rare in Turkey and such restaurants usually pricey. ok, still, the food in Gaya was reaaally tasty. it was a good experience. odd looking veggie dish;

Tuesday was sunny and warm, around 20C, almost hot in the sun. we went for a picnic to the coast. 

after picnic we tried a new bar/restaurant called Shine for afternoon coffee. i think its actually not new, but weve never been there. the prices were quite decent and the view from the terrace was nice enough...   europe is back there in the horizon...  

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