April 01, 2013

warming up

sunday in istanbul unveiled a perfect weather. if on satuday it felt like spring had arrived, sunday seemed like summer. around 24C but it felt even warmer under the sun Alina & bf decided to arrange a barbecue at their terrace which has a view ofBosphorus, and i was happy to join. great food and nice people.

i could almost see home from the terrace. 

a new necklace:

i read an article about the nationalist Hungarians who are eager to re-write a grander history for the country, and that includes the origin of the language, which they say is not a part of the finno-ugric language group. just 'cos you say so doesn't make it so...  but me thinks "fine!", i dont like hungarian either, so they can join another language group of their choice, if anyone will take them, or create one of their own. i think finno-ugric languages will do fine without hungarian, it sounds and looks funny anyway. another thing is the turks, who in their search for turkish identity back in the day (20's) printed school books saying that finnish is a part of ural-altaic language group, basically making us close relatives in the turkish minds. and then, they didnt get the memo in the 60's; this language group does not exist. okay, so, whatever.

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