May 31, 2013

its not just about a park anymore...

past days the situation in the center of Istanbul has been more and more tense, and now, chaotic. the police attacked protestors in the park at Taksim with their usual tactics, tear gas, water cannon and and rough antics. people are protesting because the government wants to destroy the last green piece of land in the center - in order to build the 94th shopping mall. Gezi park is loved by many and people are pissed... and its not just that, its about the authoritarian way Erdogan is going about things...

some have already died and many are in hospitals. does it really need to always go like this?  pictures through tumblr #occupygezi

this event also just showed up in FB; Istanbul Gaz Festivali :D the official Istanbul tear gas festival...   "entrance is free" hehe. so maybe we should go join with doctor?? although the metro has been shut and füniküler also, cos the metro was filled with teargas... and they don't want people to get to the center. but we could walk a bit or take a bus. i have been very very disappointed with the leading party lately as they keep pushing their own agenda like a freight train...and zero consideration to anything else.

a citizens report on CNN
AlJazeera's take on it
and Reuters "Turk police in tear gas crackdown on anti-government protesters"
NYtimes; Police Attack Protesters in Istanbul’s Taksim Square
(well written)
BBC on police clashing with protesters

aaaand live feed from taksim/gezi parki.

sad days in turkey.

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