May 31, 2013

so what else is there

i can barely calculate 9x7, but this story (on a mathematical problem) was a nice read.

hmm, my finland trip is just one week away. 

its getting really warm now, im reaaaally close to turning on the air conditioner. clothes are sticking to the skin and if i get active at all, i am suddenly soaking wet. and i did, today, i did laundry, fixed some curtain issues, changed light bulbs and went out for shopping. oh and fixed my necklace. the one i bought from Bulgaria, the leather strand was always breaking so i bought a new string of leather from Slovakia (...  i just walked upon one by chance) and some needles today and finally got to it! the new one is a bit shorter though.

by far the biggest alcohol store ive ever seen in turkey. probably double or triple the size of any other ive come across here. in other words, a little smaller than the average Alko in Finland. they have some good, decently priced wines here, too. its near Taksim.

moussaka a lá doctor

my less grandeur turkey breast and veggie + potatoe dinner. at least it was easy and cheap...

in Hera last weekend. 

Qahwah cafe roof terrace here in Kadiköy.  my friend Jenney is always here, so im occasionally her there for coffee.

i bought a mirror for the guest room wall today (used, 20tl/8e). need to paint it though, i dont like beige...

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