May 29, 2013

the air is not moving

ive been reading about mountaineering for the past couple. mainly focusing on Mt Everest since it all started with me stumbling into the photos of bodies that are scattered on the mountain. then i went on to read Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air, which was a good read. id never even consider mountain climbing, i have zero interest and id be too scared to, its just interesting to study the subject and try to understand the conditions up there.

 these instant coffees with milk are the best. super soft taste.

honey glazed egplant slizes and ...meat. jenni cooks, part IVXX. 

this article on pharmacies and prescription medicine caught my interest as morning after pill and contraceptives were mentioned.  its very much speculation of course, but lately with the alcohol ban and general "athmosphere" ive been saying that the laws and regulations will not stop at alcohol. ive suggested that one the next points of interest for AKP could be limiting the availability of the pill by requiring a prescription - which in Finland is not an issue but in a conservative country where a girl guarded by her family may not get easy access to a doctor about such a sensitive matter...  well, the difference is crucial. in order to modernize the country i agree that some drug availability should be limited, getting antibiotics and other heavy stuff is way easy now, and thats not necessarily a good thing. but exceptions are easy to make, i just think that it will be way too comfy to hammer contraceptives under this rule as well and then shrug again saying "in scandinavia they do this too...!!".

now that im the mood for fortune telling, i will suggest a couple more things that AKP might bring up: technically, prostitution is can be legal in turkey. i read somewhere that new permits are not given but there are 25 000 active ones. i dont know, either way, i see it possible they make it illegal (most prostitutes are illegal anyway, but perhaps the police will then get additional funding to crack it down). in the name of protecting women of course. when banning abortion faces too much restriction (=last year), narrowing the window for performing it is probably an option, or requiring more bureaucracy to get it- something that could be copied from those medieval American states specialized in this. finally, some rules to support or "protect" religions could be made. it would be under the general name religion but in a country like this, it will basically mean islam.

meanwhile i bet they will find a way to close the last pork butcher shop in istanbul, just wait.

i can also predict what kind of actions will not take place: anything remarkable regarding domestic violence (like more safe houses, general education, actual sentences to violent spouses..), actions and public criticism against child bride practices, or acceptance and rights to gays.

the other night me and doctor watched the movie Love Me If You Dare. it really oesnt seem exceptional but it is weiiiird. i found it on some nline list of "weird movies" so idecided to give it a go. i was impressed, plus it was a good film in general :)

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