May 24, 2013

restrictions pour in - who's keeping count

the multiple restriction bill  on alcohol sales and advertizing was adopted by the parliament today. all this in only a few days! i have to say, when the AKP puts their effort into it, they are bloody effectve, clearly this topic was high on their priority list... higher than domestic violence, child brides and minimum wages...   cos all i hear week after week is Erdogan & his team bashing alcohol. anyway, i found it funny that they would quote Sweden and Scandinavia "they have alcohol sales restrictions too!"... yeah, Sweden also accepts gay marriages... now that we started with the references... its funny how these adult politicians make (time after time) comparisons that just wont work. surely you can always find a country, or a time in history, where or when something was done. thats not really...a reasoning in itself. excuses excuses...  but this is depressing, on principle, not just because of alcohol. its a direction, and everyone knows it.

weavesilk is a cool "drawing" game kind of thing...

something called the knobe effect.

GeoGuessr  game can be fun, but at most times, frustrating.  it drops you somewhere in google street view (usually in the middle of nowhere) and then its up to you to figure out where you are. street signs are the most obvious hint, but if u dont resort to google, it might just give you the country...  writing in general can give away the country, but still u can mistake russia for ukraine or australia to south africa. they both drive on the wrong side of the street, too...  terrain tell u if its north or south and cars and houses give tips...  yeah, i still recommend the game although i found that most times its impossible :)

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