May 22, 2013

rockin' miniskirt pants

blogging seems to have taken 2nd place in favor of everything else. nothing special is going on though, the usual tv, socializing and some work on the side.

im now looking into browser testing automation. Selenium is one of the tools and its actually really fascinating, a whole new world has opened up to me :) nothing is as invigorating (and sometimes frustrating) than playing with a new software...

last weekend did not exactly raise the finnish national pride, eurovision is always the same story but we got pretty beaten in ice hockey :( and that really hurts.

me and Alina, at the beginning of the game, when our mood was still high...

the weather has increased in the past week to 27-29C. i keep the windows open and still sweat. i had almost forgotten what summer was like! and this is only May... 

now, these are some cheap panties (2.5tl/1.2e), but, they are perfect for when u wear a miniskirt and want to avoid flashing too much. i dont think my miniskirts are THAT short but who knows. plus sitting on plastic-covered chairs...and getting up from them...that feels nasty on the bum!

a chocolate shop! there are too many of these in istanbul...   and for tasty chocolate, these are the place to go, supermarket products have nothing on this stuff!

perfect breakfast. 

just a normal istanbul night. not for long tho, if the current government can do anything about it. and they can. and they want to :( 

a kitty guarding a book shop and the other animals in there. 

last sunday.... a perfect tasty filling brunch at Lael's and Serkan's place. 

parking in turkey. i wonder why the municipality still use those plastic poles, drivers have no respect for them.

today i found a great tip in a finnish cosmetics blog for getting those last drops from a lip gloss casing. in its simplicity; pull out the plastic tube from the very top and voilá. ive struggled finishing this old Guerlain gloss for the very reason that there is plenty left, i just couldnt reach it. and now i can.   

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