May 02, 2013

summer means increased need for showering

Paul Miller wrote about being offline for a year. interesting and well written. (he writes interesting stuff in general). i know i belong in the 'nets, but i also like to think how it is affecting me. but ive always found it clear that internet is not some far away place where we go and just lose time, its just different, and it is reality. the people i meet there are real - they might not be who they say there are, theoretically - but they are real people. or could it be that im sometimes talking with a bot? even so, for me the experience is real :P

Excel doesnt have a function to compare files, how disappointing, Word has it! i needed this functionality and this "spreadsheet compare" add-in provides it. it worked well for me :) i got everything i needed.

well im an iGirl with my phone but this ad by Nokia is funny :) i do want all the best for Nokia, and if they just keep going further, maybe i could jump back on board some day... but not soon. my iphone is soon 2 years old and im still happy with it, thats a good sign!

doctor is finishing off my moisturizers :S i need to get him his own. i will buy one from Lumene, they have mens products. not that there is really a difference, but if i buy a moisturizer then why not get the mens version *shrugs*

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