June 17, 2013

the weather was typical

im back home. and my trip was just as hectic as every other time, my attempts and making some space for "nothing" failed. but i take responsibility, when i had a free night, i chose to txt a friend to meet up although id planned on skipping that particular person in the name of priorities. but i do love my friends and enjoyed their company. but half of the time i slept like 4-6 hours/night so i really need a rest now.

coming back was wonderful, but of course the unrest here, which is not calming down (for a reason!) stresses me a bit, if it continues. getting home from the airport was a struggle with the central areas being "locked down" from traffic etc. doctor had come to welcome me, so at least i didnt have to make the 2.5h trip alone. it involved metro, tram, 1km of walking (my bagpack was over 17 kilos upon return...), 2 taxis and one metro bus.

but now im back and following on facebook the daily updates of strikes, public transportation status etc as people struggle to go on with their lives and share articles and news and very descriptive images of the events....

doctor was struggling with a slight flooding issue while i was away. the floor drain in our kitchen (why is there such a thing?) had been pushing water out randomly and suddenly got much worse...  i dont understand anything about plumbing but clearly there is a problem in the building...  and it was not related to our water usage, just random, dependent on other inhabitants. the water had flooded out of the kitchen to the entry hall and living room too. and the wooden floor has clearly reacted to it, the edges are rough now :( well nothing of ours was ruined, and as a makeshift solution doctor used silicone to block the drain in question and make a "line" at the doorway to work as a dam, until the situation is remedied. but whats the worst in my opinion is that we know very well the landlord will not do anything about this. while the plumber that doctor talked to suggested inspecting the pipes with a kind of camera (makes sense) and its not hugely expensive, i really dont want to pay for it - on principle. but the landlord will just say that its our responsibility and lalala...   and while the law in our our side, fighting these things in turkey is not very easy. plus the landlord herself is a lawyer. but when no one takes responsibility for anything here, it doesnt really urge us to do it either. and i come from the land of responsibility, after all...

espa park in central helsinki on a warm saturday. 

the next day in helsinki. a flea market looking pretty sad under the rain.

the disctrict court where Arttu and Eufemia got married. lovely building. 

 another park (tokoinranta). we did a picnic with Ella and miss R. 

walking to miss R after Karri's lively party, sometime in the morning. 

finnish microwave food. no E-codes! just food, really :) chicken pasta with cream, carrot, onion and some spices. very tasty.

i brought home a lot of food stuff and some cosmetics. i moved on to "anti-aging" products with my day creams :D but they smelled really good, i had to. some spices and sweetener (stevia for doctor and the "old fashioned" for me), chocolate and spices. also i brought sausages and dark rye bread of course. 

doctor asked me to bring a Helsinki/Finland themes t-shirt so i got him this one. 

i found this Marimekko bag in a 2nd hand shop for 5e. i think its just what i need. the zipper is broken but very cheap to fix here.

at Eufemia's bachelorette party we made some craft work, sort of, and she actually knit this. makes a perfect bracelet and is my color. lovely, personalized bracelet. 

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