July 11, 2013

emails jenni likes

the amount of emails we get these days...  when a website/forum/app emails me and they do it well, i can respect it. firstly, a nice looking, simple email is a good start. 2nd, at the end i expect to find an unsubscribe link (even i dont need it at that particular time). finally, i expect the content to be sensible and somewhat honest and pragmatic.

2 good examples:

Digg emailed me just as a "reminder". those "hey did you forget about us" emails can be annoying, there must be a reason im not using the service, right? however this one wooed me and im heading to digg.com now.

Vivino (i used to have their wine app) emailed me in June, like this:

" If you care about your Vivino rank, you should read this email. If you have no idea what your Vivino rank is, just ignore this message, delete it and have a glass instead – life’s too short for lengthy irrelevant emails!"

well, yes, thank you! i almost downloaded the app again after this mail!

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