July 12, 2013

guests and nerves

yesterday afternoon doctors mom called that she is getting on an overnight bus to come to Istanbul. we were somewhat surprised, but then again in Turkey relatives usually just show up at your door, as doctors younger brother has done a couple times. so this could be considered as a fair notice. his older brother & his wife are in town too, so i guess it will be a proper family reunion. doctor has a free night tonight so we will go for a dinner i guess. doctor suggested cooking at home, but its obvious the family would not appreciate my "european" cooking (not even joking, turks are racist when it comes to foreign foods), so then doctor would need to cook and he was happy to do that, but that would make me look bad (again, turkish culture...). plus, we hear that his brother is fasting now! apparently his wife has introduced a more pious lifestyle to their household...  the mom is not fasting but i guess we all need to wait until 20:40 or so until the prayer call...

they are all staying somewhere else, which is highly unusual as well. but i said we could offer them our guest room for a couple nights.

since her call ive been tidying up home to the best of my ability. i know the flat will never meet the very high turkish cleanliness standards but ill do my best. its not that i need to "please" the relatives - im somewhat far from the ideal turkish bride anyway - but i do want to make (another) good impression and show respect. i should go buy 

ive been watching Bron/Broen, and i think i know who the killer is!! hahaa! the shows theme song is amazing, Hollow Talk by Choir of Young Believers (Spotify)(Youtube).
/upon episode 7 i realize i was wrong about my suspect. but i think i have a new one.  oh, its not him either. i guess this is one those shows where the killer is not among the characters, they just find him at the end.

my lunch. a turkish 'pizza' (lahmacun), some salad and a soup. the soup suffered a bit in delivery, but was edible.

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