July 18, 2013

need to get a haircut before the trip

i spent a good portion of yesterday with doctor at his workplace, in the Hospital. i needed my vaccinations for the trip and while there, why not get a couple other check ups done too? so we went from one department to another, just walking into exam rooms with barely knocking...  thats how its done here, esp. in gov. hospitals. having doctors personal connections helps. the running around in general makes it seem somehow less trustworthy and inefficient though, you may get your test bottles in your hand and are told to deliver them in the lab yourself. and to get an IV drip, you go to one department and queue there, and then a couple floors to another department for your actual procedure... no wonder patients come with relatives, the help is needed.

ive had some on/off pain in the right knee for quite some time and the rheumatology professor suggested an MRI. im sad i didnt stop to take a picture of the fancy looking big machine. and its loud, just like seen on House. but even louder. im really wondering how they can send people on moon but are unable to make this machine work more quietly...  i was paranoid beforehand about having metal somewhere in my body without being aware of it, i think i have House to thank for that too. but no. it was a breeze.

also got my rash (in my right elbow) checked, not because i cared but the rheumatology professor (again) felt it was important to know what it was. but the results were not definite, probably just a random dermatitis. so yeah, stuff like that.

im really surprised other people are (apparently) able to keep track of their vaccinations, i never remember having a booklet for them, and even less recollection of receiving them. except for the Havrix (hepatitis A) which i got in 2004 or so. but it requires a booster 6 months later and im not sure i got THAT... whatever, its not dangerous to get vaccinations again, and again. so thats what i did. and my arms are still aching.

im still fascinated by Quora. im reading...
Why haven't CPU clock speeds increased in the last 5 years?
What are you tired of seeing in movies?
Why did Ashton Kutcher choose to play Steve Jobs in the upcoming movie Jobs?

final episode of Apprentice UK is waiting for me!

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