July 22, 2013

we're sharing a big bagpack

i got a pre-trip haircut. its too short again, like seriously too short this time, i feel like a boy. doctor says it looks good but ufff....

now im concentrating on packing. but also we need to make the flat suitable for our guests as doctors brother along with his wife will stay here while we are away...  should work as a thief deterring agent?

while doing some pre-packing selection, i realized only one piece of clothing was black. i have really turned colorful...! we are packing light and possibly buy additional t-shirts and whatnot from Thailand. but i dont want to go with an empty bag as some suggest (friends & online), as i have experienced stress while on holiday and trying to find a shirt/dress/shoes... spending a day going from one mall to another and eventually buying something i would never use again, just because i really needed to. one aspect people mention is price, but honestly it doesnt get MUCH cheaper than turkey, i was just looking at some 5tl/2e tops today... (they were Atmosphere, British brand).  and i have enough clothes, so buying just for the sake of buying doesnt make sense. i do always end up buying something, i just dont want to be forced to. doctor doesnt have proper beach sandals or flip flops though, we need to get him a pair on location...  either way, the backpack is half-empty even with my 3 pairs of sandals and all...

Gezi protest related notebooks. the turkish market follows "daily trends" quite quickly. the 'woman in the red dress' especially is cool.

toe nails need painting. then im set to get a good night sleep. tomorrow ill exchange euros, maybe buy Cambodian e-visas online...   (im the organizer of the family). its a direct overnight flight, not sure if thats good or bad.

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