August 04, 2013

warm, sandy life

while roaming around cities and dirt roads with a bus or tuk tuk was exciting, we really got into the holiday mood upon arriving to the island of Koh Chang. we still had plans to move places but upon research of the options, this peaceful jungle-beach mix just seems perfect for us. doing nothing and listening to the waves, the birds, grashoppers, frogs (!!) and other odd sounds...  I guess this means we are getting old? or did, already. walking to the nearby village we found backpacker bars and something resembling a club, but were not drawn to that either. another sign of age. staying at the practically empty resort and being lazy seems the easiest. looking at monkeys at the tree tops.

we played beach ball though, and swam in the ocean plenty. and in the pool. both really really warm...:) hiring a motorcycle is the way to get around here so we tried that, too. today riding under the heavy monsoon style rain was the best though. I had a plastic rain coat on and doctor was in his swimwear.

my Instagram contributions;

doctor went for some kind of jungle adventure where they do Tarzan-stuff, and also a snorkelling trip to nearby inhabited islands. and while he was there  - I was reading my Stephen King novel collection by the beach side, or having a Club Sandwich or googling about mosquito behaviour... everything by the beach. sitting in front of the water is peaceful when there is no background noise, very few people, and no hurry. I lost track of days several times now. 

but today we return to Bangkok, I think it's a 5-6h drive from the Trat pier. then find accommodation from the popular backpacker area in order to check it out, eat Pad Thai one last time... and Thursday morning it's time to return to reality.

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