August 06, 2013

southeast asia diaries 01

/ops, publishing delayed I guess. internets us not so reliable here...

it's been a week since we arrived and we have been around.... from Bangkok to Phnom Penh. and in between. we have seen and experienced all kinds of funny stuff, interaction with locals and chats with expats. and the Cambodian elections. I guess I should report on all those later. 

right now we are spending a night in Trat, we didn't expect anything of it but it has nice artsy bars and food and we are happy so far. tomorrow we should take a boat to one of the islands, Koh Chang or Koh Mak maybe. we have been on the road so much, a relaxing beach holiday is really needed! we had planned to go to the Koh Kong island in Cambodia but were told that due to the season/waves, boats can't go to the island atm. so we didn't stay long in that village. 

Bangkok gave a nice vibe, actually a bit similar to Istanbul. we met my old colleague from Finland there, Tony, he gave us some tips too. but the area we stayed in was expensive, on our way back we will look for something more reasonable (from Turkish income standpoint). 

yeah, all good so far, weird things and warm weather.

hostel (Paddy's Bamboo) in Koh Kong. 

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