August 09, 2013

that ship has sailed...

back home! after a good nights sleep i am back to internetting...and tv. while on the road i was curious about True Blood so i just read the episode recaps...  when actually watching it i always fast forward a lot anyway, so i might as well read. if they reported hot Erik & Sookie action i might actually go and give it a peak.

the last season of Bachelorette got really interesting when Brooks left, i could for once see true emotions i think, as it was kind of obvious from before that Des loved him. and i think Chris was just a rebound, not to be rude, but really...:( u dont change the object of your desire in a few days or a week or 2. i think she should've called things off when he left, and in a perfect world he wouldve found feelings for her and returned. she explains that she was blindsided and stuff but really?? come on... 

something i came across in the "news":"Oprah had a racist encounter". racism exists of course, but i feel like anything bad and wrong happening to black people is automatically racism? visiting a Swiss shop, she was told that the bag she wanted to see was "too expensive" for her. well that sounds wrong to begin with. i also had that happen to me when i was a teenager and shopping for high end cosmetics. only that time they were probably right, heh. but so how do we determine something as racist, and something else as not? if it had been Julia Roberts, we would call it...what? or do we really assume, 100%, that this could not have happened to a white person?

on the flight back from Bangkok i watched some movies (of course). i tried Iron Man 2 and Admission but gave up cos they got annoying. i actually dont remember all the films... but i finished off with Ocean's 12 and then started with Ocean's 13 but was interrupted by landing to Istanbul! i should finish it at home then. but the next film on my watch list is The Canyons - a James Deen movie! where he will apparently have clothes on, most of the time anyway. i hope its not super bad.

looking forward to these series this fall;
Trophy wife

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