July 16, 2013

put to the test

the mom-in-law visit is done and dealth with. it went quite okay and i think everyone is happy. she cooked a lot so our fridge and freezer have food to feed us some days...  i just noticed the bottle of oil in our kitchen was finished by her. thats half a liter of oil. used in a day.

anyway here is our lunch she served yesterday. not sure, but i think this is a lot of carbs...  i didnt think id ever miss veggies, but i did. yet, she cooks very very tasty food, no question.

i took the mom-in-law to this bazaar in EminönĂ¼, kind of whole sale place mostly, with clothes, toys, jewellery and festive stuff, for weddings etc. the family business in Mersin is selling these things so she placed some orders.
 in the gift bag shop.

i set my eyes on this dress, it was nice material and kind of...summery. and to my surprise, Desigual, a bit expensive spanish brand. paid 20tl/7e for this :)  

doctor has had a more humane work schedule for the past month or more, and him actually being around (and awake) reminds me of what he is "really" like... waking me up with hugs, bringing breakfast to bed, along with the right amount of soda (half a glass). its pretty wonderful, to have a crush on the same person all over again.

out with the girls (Melisa, Carilyn, Carina) some days earlier.

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