October 05, 2013

cooking time for jenni

tonight i plan to cook steak, boil potatoes and serve rye bread with smoked sliced reindeer on top (Arttu brought) :)  so, veeeery simple. just the way i like it, in cooking. eating too, sometimes. the other night i did makaroonilaatikko (macaroni casserole). i got the idea the other night when Uluç treated me, Arttu, Melisa and Yasemen with his famous lasagne. and holy fuckin shit, it was SO good. im sure it was the best lasagna ive ever eaten. he said he doesnt cook much, and lasagne is his chosen signature dish that he has been perfecting for a long time. the idea of a signature dish sounded good to me so i pondered if i should have one. pasta as a basic ingredient is an easy choice, i am most comfortable with pasta. i do NOT like dishes that take a long time to cook but makaroonilaatikko is such a favorite of mine...maybe i can make an exception. so this week i cooked makaroonilaatikko for the 2nd time ever. we almost finished it all in that one night... burb. so, its quite good as it is...  but my goal is to improve it of course. maybe i need to make it like once a week...? that way, in a few months it should be very good.

doctors brother is coming later in the evening with his wife and staying 2 nights. i wouldve liked for us to be alone for a while now, but they notified us of their arrival a coupel days ago and well its turkey and family relations and...   as long as its just every 3 months i guess i can take it. most of the family is ok anyway, i have been really lucky with my turkish extended family...

a couple i know broke up. now it will be interesting to see how it pans out, i am closer with 'her', but 'he' is a friend too. i hope i dont have to choose sides or something.

useful for an expat too; Turkey's pension, insurance and other social security schemes explained.

listening to Burning Hearts on Spotify (on youtube)

Top Chef, Shark Tank and Criminal minds are back on tv too :) October is probably one of the best tv months there is, if not the best.

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