October 05, 2013


i was thinking about the tablets today, ipad etc. i havent had any interest to get one. there is simply no need. but now i was imagining, if i did get one, would it be android, windows or apple? i would actually have to try them and see, but i think either windows or android...  one apple product is enough. i think i like more flexibility when things get more computerish.

however i will soon get my next iphone, 4 is starting to fail big time. i decided 5S nor 5C will be worth the price when they arrive to turkey, i better get a 5 that will fully meet my needs anyway and in 2 years i will have to re-evaluate the situation again, maybe by then Android has a stable and user friendly phone?

and iOS7 then...  i personally like it a lot.the thinner font and some new functions remind me of Android, in a good way. but the colors (green, blue...) remind me of Lumia...not in a good way.

very simple and nice looking, this alarm screen for example.

i like how in settings you can adjust the apps updating in the background.  and how FINALLY i can see the time stamps for text messages (by sliding the texts to the left).

but with all the niceness, why not focus on the downfalls as i usually do??

the instant access screen that can be pulled up from the bottom is a little bit hard to read, and i am disappointed they added on/off for bluetooth there but not for mobile data. at least they moved it to the main screen under settings...
the weather app is pretty and confusing at the same time. i have hard time understanding all the numbers sometimes...  i mean, i mix the time and temperature. and bloody hell the icon itself still won't show the actual temperature, how ancient is that?? i have to see if there are apps that would actually do that, maybe its time to scrap the native weather app!

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