October 05, 2013

so whats next

Elin came to kadiköy tonight and we talked about moms not being able to talk about non-baby-mom stuff. it is hard for many, but at least she can manage....yay...   we sat at Viktor Levi and enjoyed their complimentary cherry wine shots, after the dinner, that is. the restaurant has this intimidating "expensive" look but actually the starters and house wine are cheap...  and service good. they are already asking me 'how are you!' ive been going there lately for drinks and small food, its great.

Arttu left on thursday. since then ive focused on installing software and ...other stuff. yesterday i also had a job interview at a very interesting online ad agency, they might have something for me in the future. i hope they do, it seemed like they really do their job well which i appreciate...seriously. its not given here (in turkey), hate to say that but its true.

its bloody cold outside, 10 degrees today, Helsinki supposedly had 12! but in a few days we should go back up to 23 degrees - warm finnish summer day. maybe we will get a proper fall after all. im hopeful. now it seemed to go directly to winter. very awkward. is this normal or "global warming"?  i saw an interactive slider on a website, New York Times or something, and i entered my birth year and it showed how much the globe has warmed since my birth and whats the estimation for my life time. it seemed like the temperature will increase during my time, but only double the amount it already did by now (my lifetime), sooo...it doesnt sound too bad. also because i dont plan to plan reproduce, but humans are quite flexible and yeah...  what am i supposed to do? fly less than National Geographic crew embers cos their work is more valuable? and there is no recycling in turkey...  so ive just decided not to pay attention to the whole thing.

first world problems? i got my nails done today and i chose a transparent white nail polish that is too blue-ish...doesn not work with my tanned hands...  looks bad....:(

this photo does not entirely capture the blue tone of the white, nor the tan of my hands, but anyway.  what did Michael Jackson use???!!!

kadiköy graffiti....

tonight in Teacher's Pub. after meeting Elin i headed to this bar cos Umut texted me he was there... so i popped in. its kind of rock, sometimes too loud but generally a decent place. 

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