October 02, 2013

new Win7 woohoooo

i started wearing tights over a week ago, thats a sign of chilly weather. and now at home i need them too, but my feet are getting cold anyway.

turkish PM's democratization package has been called out as being full of nothing (or more specifically full of elections)   

Arttu and doctor helped me re-install Windows (well they did the job while i was breathing on their necks and trying to control everything) and boy did we have a lot of bad luck. downloading the actual installation file from MS website didnt want to work out, first file was corrupted, we learned that after having burned it on a DVD. the next download didnt work at all. the next one looked ok and the set up seemed to start. then it gave an error message regarding some motherboard drivers. we downloaded them on a memory stick and tried every possible way, but no. then we switched my DVD drive cos it became the main suspect. no help. turns out the supposedly succesful download was not succesful. and every download takes like an HOUR! after another download we paid attention to the file size being exactly 2GB, a bit small...  well, Chrome has a 2GB limit for downloads. sweet. after all this we got the proper file and still had 1 empty DVD, i think this is the only time we got lucky. installation itself had a good portion of issues too, including my key being only good for "upgrading installations", not clean installs. why would they even have something like that???? like, i get punished for installing the same program again? the go around is to just install it on itself, ie. twice in a row.

but we (well, especially Arttu today) got it up and running! finally, things seem to be great again. i started moving around my files to the right places, got my Firefox profile from the old drive and dang! every extension and tab and setting was back to where i left them. i even moved te files from the old desktop to the new one...  i really like things being the way they were. i just got annoyed i cannot find my old wallpaper...  had i not saved it anywhere?

installing all the software is going to take a while... i have started...and will keep going. but im starting to feel comfortable with this.

doctor has been working crazy hours and is way too tired. i feel bad but not much to do, i cannot donate from my time, we all just have the same 24h...  and his is frequently spent at work.

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