October 10, 2013

words escape me

this a busy week! i got a (fun) translation job which basically takes a whole week, which is great, but i'd already made some arrangements and scheduled things and now its a bit stressful... i will probably need to work 12 hour days on the weekend. but that will remind me what working hard is like, lol! maybe its not so bad, to not be able to watch tv and go out whenever u want. for a change. tomorrow is doctors birthday too and we have made a plan for a getaway trip to Agva for one night, he got 2 (!!) days off work.

i went to Istanbul 2013 Biennale with Senni and this finnish girl, Pauliina. she was here for a visit only, but contacted me through the blog and we decided to meet up. i dont understand art but it was free so what the heck. at least i got Senni in and they could chat about...art.

i mean...what??

 i got this gezi themes shirt from a new, cool shop on our street. love the penguin.

on tuesday i went to kadiköy's open air market with Pauliina. its just exhaustingly big...:/ but besides tons of fresh veggies, they sell fabrics, curtains, clothes, second hand and otherwise. i made a few cheap finds...  as did Pauliina. later we did a small tour around Kadiköy and sat in Karga, where Hanna and Senni joined us for dinner and drinks.

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