October 13, 2013

the river is wide

the week has been crazy busy, not so many things but the schedule was full. today was the first day i could even watch tv. but its because i had this translation job, and yet i had made all kinds of plans with people and i went through with them. now ill be working to through the weekend to make up for it.

doctor had his birthday on thursday and we went to Agva, up north by the black sea. we stayed for a night in this hotel by a river, its past high season so it was just empty and quiet. quite perfect from that perspective. but too cold to use the pool :/

and we took this peddle boat for a ride along the river as the sun was setting. cuuuute.

i do my best thinking in the shower. but thinking in the shower means taking long showers. when the water bill comes i sometimes go 'ehhh...'.

NY Post article on Erdogan's "reforms". while an interesting article, it doesnt go into the womens clothing issue, which has been in the news lately. its the issue of AKP advertising freedom for women to wear what they want, which translates to being able to wear the headscarf in certain jobs (schools etc) where it was previously banned, but a miniskirt is still not accepted... and a tv presenter just got fired for showing too much cleavage, a  result of what  an AKP leader said.  the freedom only seems to go one way. and thats the sunni islam way.
maybe idealist, but nevertheless with a slice of truth in it, an excerpt from the link above;

"The direction that the government would like to take the country is clear. Since the beginning of the time, men have always wanted to control women to prove their power, but the task is now in the hands of the women in Turkey. As much as they are divided over their lifestyles, they will either prove that they would like to respect each other’s freedom or to help men impose limits on their freedom."

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